New content for anxiety and depression

Against panic and claustrophobia in the new virtual elevator

To start with, the patients are located near an elevator. Using the teleport function, you can move to the elevator door. You use your virtual hand to call the elevator and then walk in with your own steps. Once inside, you choose which floor you want to go to. then the door closes and the elevator starts moving.

Therapists can make the following settings:

  • The size of the elevator can be specified (small, medium, large)
  • The driving speed can be set
  • Stressful situations can be triggered: the elevator starts to shake. Elevator gets stuck and an alarm sounds
  • The back wall can be customized: plain back wall, mirror or window with a view to the outside

Patients have the following options:

  • Call elevator by pressing button
  • Take your own steps
  • Select floor. Go out again later

New feature in the depression software package

The interactive park now offers even more opportunities to get patients involved and trigger different moods:

  • The slides and seesaw can be used at the playground.
  • Other animals in the park provide additional photo opportunities.
  • The rowing boat has improved movement animations when rowing.
  • Heavy rain may be triggered.
  • Relaxing background music can be activated; also in combination with the rain.

In this video you can see some excerpts from these innovations:

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Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser VR-Coach® smart system interessieren.
Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser VR-Coach® smart system interessieren.