Test the therapist software of the VR Coach smart system for one month in your practice for free!

In this trial month you have access to all scenarios and 360-degree films.

Additional Services:

  • Individual support
  • Tutorials and webinars
  • Promotional material so that you can address new patients directly

What you need for the trial month ...

If you want to use your own hardware

  • Windows 10
  • Graphic card: GTX 1660
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz CL16
  • Processor: AMD Desktop Ryzen 5 3600, Zen 2, 6 x 3
  • HP Reverb G2
  • HP Reverb G1
  • Samsung Odyssey
  • Oculus Quest 2 (+ cable for PC streaming)
  • Oculus Quest 1 (+ cable for PC streaming)

The laptop requirements usually go beyond normal office laptops. Please inquire at a specialist dealer about rental options for the test month.

Of course you can also rent our hardware for the test month

This offer is only valid for customers in the EU!
  • VR-Laptop: Hyperbook
  • VR headset: HP Reverb G2

Rental fee for one month:

  • 350,00 Euro (plus statutory VAT)

The price includes shipping costs. In addition, all necessary software updates are carried out and tested. You can start immediately after you have unpacked the parcel.

If you decide to purchase after the trial month, the rental fee will be credited to you.

VRCoach smart system

Registration for your trial month

If you have only ordered the software, you will receive a download link for the software and information on how to get started shortly after you have placed your order.

If you rent our hardware, you will receive an invoice for the rental fee after you have placed your order. After receipt of payment, the hardware with the software will be sent to you.

Do you have any questions? You will find the answer in the FAQs.

Sign up by January 31, 2021 and we will also cover the shipping costs for you.

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VR Coach® smart system

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VRCoach smart system

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Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser VR-Coach® smart system interessieren.
Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser VR-Coach® smart system interessieren.