Mindfulness And
Cognitive Bias Modification
In Depression

Exposure in VR glasses can also provide helpful support for depression.
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Depression And The
VR Coach smart system

Unlike fears and addictions, here we do not provoke the problematic emotion, but instead focus on strengthening resources.

We have published a brief review with initial evidence on this approach.

VRCoach smart system
You can also install this software on your smart system hardware

The depression software package is based on a completely new approach.

Therapeutic Goals

Reconditioning the distortion of reality outside
Create access to resources inside

In general, we see this application as helpful for the following indications:

  1. Mild and moderate depression
  2. As an add-on for severe depression
  3. But also for other topics where strengthening resources can be helpful

We will provide a recommended application protocol upon request.

Insights into the software

Click through some screenshots of the application here and get first impressions of the exercises through the image descriptions.
The starting point is this fountain in a park
Patients look for beautiful places and describe them in detail
You can go on a photo hunt with a virtual camera. Some flowers begin to bloom when you photograph them
It's also worth taking a look at the clouds: every now and then you can see interesting patterns
Animals also contain resources that need to be recognized
Some patients feel a desire to move even during exposure. This boat allows you to row out on the lake
Discovering what is hidden is also practiced here. Can your patients manage to find all the chess pieces in the park?
At the end, your patient looks at all the images taken and assigns resources to them.
Around 50 boards with words that are placed on the pictures are helpful. Afterwards, your patient closes his eyes and tries to locate and expand certain resources within himself.
As a special surprise, you can print the patient's favorite picture on a photo printer.

NEU! Jetzt mit zusätzlichen Inhalten.

Vier immersive 360-Grad-Filme

Grüne Almwiese
Bergsee Panorama
Alm mit Kühen

Eine aktuelle Studie zeigt, dass auch 360-Grad-Filme mit Naturkulissen und Tieren, depressive Symptome signifikant reduzieren können 1)

1) Willfort, Manuel „Entspannung mit Virtual-Reality-Naturexposition“, Masterarbeit an der Sigmund Freud Universität Wien, 2023
VR-Coach Michael Altenhofer

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Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser VR-Coach® smart system interessieren.
Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser VR-Coach® smart system interessieren.