VR Coach® smart system

biofeedback system

Virtual reality therapy: Specially developed for use in your private practice.

VR Coach® and Insight Instruments:
An innovative cooperation

Increase the effectiveness of confrontation therapy by integrating biofeedback monitoring with the Neuromaster from Insight Instruments.

With the Neuromaster the stress reactions during confrontation and relaxation are measured and can be seen by the therapists.

The Biolife software is also installed on the smart system. Therapists can thus observe how the patient’s stress level responds during the confrontation in VR.


  • Accurate identification of stress-inducing and relaxing scenes/parts of the confrontation
  • Pinpoint markers set directly in the VR software (is synchronized with Biolife)
  • Targeted therapeutical intervention

The Neuromaster is already used during confrontation therapy with videos and images. The new combination with Virtual Reality opens up further possibilities for patients and therapists.

Neuromaster biofeedback-system

The new VR Coach® smart system is the perfect partner for your Neuromaster.

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The smart system
in action.

In our short video we show you
the advantages of the system and
how easy it is to use.

With your Neuromaster, the therapy
becomes even more effective.
Das smart-system im Einsatz | VR-Coach Video
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Get to know the
VR Coach® smart system now!

Simple operation

Newly developed by clinical psychologists and VR specialists!

So that the therapy is even more successful, but at the same time easy to use.

Compact and lightweight

The VR Coach® smart system uses even lighter hardware for an extremely compact system.

An efficient laptop and high-end VR glasses provide everything you need.


The VR Coach® smart system uses the latest hardware technologies and software optimized for them.

This enables us to keep the costs very low.

Scenarios for different phobias

Our team of clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and virtual reality professionals has developed fully interactive scenarios for the most common phobias.

Your patients dive into virtual worlds under your guidance, move freely, grasp objects and solve tasks.

Available, so far, are scenariosfor the treatment of social phobia, shyness, fear of flying, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, arachnophobia and fear of heights. Further scenarios are also available for the treatment of alcohol abuse, gambling addiction and eating disorders.

VR-Szenarien im Abo

You can activate desired VR scenarios conveniently from the pre-installed therapist software via subscription at an extremely low price. via subscription at an extremely low price.

VR-Coach Szenarien

Look how we compare to the competition

VR therapy systems are big and expensive! Wir haben das geändert.

VR system
from the USA

$ 25.000 Purchase price
  • very expensive acquisition
    and maintenance
  • extremely large
  • complicated operation
VR therapy systems are big and expensive! Wir haben das geändert.


VR system
from Oxford
£ 10,000 Annual license fees
  • in addition to the high license costs,
    £ 5,000 acquisition costs
  • extremely large
  • only two scenarios available

VR Coach®

smart system
1.700 Investment costs
  • 95 instead of $146 for all VR scenarios and 360° films in the first year
  • Very compact
  • Very simple, intuitive operation

Now in 2 simple steps to VR therapy

Step 1

Pre-order your smart system by 15.12.2020

This contains:
for the price of only
$ 1,680
Risk free! You only pay
on delivery in January 2021.

Installment payments are now also possible (Germany and Austria).

Step 2

In January 2021 you will receive your pre-ordered smart system. Now you can activate the required VR scenarios.

All-in package with

  • all six VR scenarios
  • all eight 360° films
  • all new releases
instead of$ 146

nur € 99,-

Subscription price per month

The price is valid in the first year and for all those who pre-order by Dec. 15th, 2020. Normal price without pre-order bonus is $ 146.

Order your smart system now and get the all-in package for an even better price.

  • Delivery will take place from January 2021 in the order of the order date.
  • Payment is not due until the smart system has been delivered - therefore you have no risk.
  • The smart system includes the laptop, the VR glasses, 2 VR controllers, the pre-installed therapist software and a training scenario – so you can get started straight away.

You are only one click away from the order.

VR-Coach smart system (laptop, VR glasses, controller, therapist software and training scenario) for a price of $ 1,680

Payment is not due until the smart system has been delivered - therefore you have no risk.

What else you should know - FAQs

Find the answers to all your questions here.

You first order the VR Coach® smart system consisting of a special laptop and VR glasses. The therapist software and a first training scenario are pre-installed on the laptop.

You then subscribe to the therapy scenarios directly via the therapist software on the laptop. There you can unlock the desired scenarios.

Den ersten Schritt können Sie auf dieser Webseite ab 15. November 2020 tätigen.

Delivery will take place mid-January 2021, Now you can subscribe to the therapy scenarios



  • Screen: 15.6″ FHD (1920×1080) IPS
  • Processor: AMD Desktop Ryzen 5 3600, Zen 2, 6 x 3
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz CL16
  • Drive SSD M.2: Western Digital SSD 500GB Blue M.2 2280
  • WiFi: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC AX201 2.4 Gbps (802.11 a/c) M.2 WLAN + BT WLAN + BT
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Cooling system: Advanced cooling system


“HP Reverb”

  • Native resolution 2160 x 2160 at 90 Hz
  • Resolution per eye 2160 x 2160
  • Field of view 114 degrees

When you open the laptop and switch it on, you will see the pre-installed therapist software on the desktop. There you can unlock and work with all future therapy scenarios.

An initial training scenario to familiarize yourself with virtual environments and the interaction possibilities is already activated.

In the therapist software you can see all available scenarios. There you select what you want to work with and you will be taken to the web shop where you can take out a subscription. In the Web-Shop you can also cancel the subscription at any time.

No, if you pre-order the VR Coach® smart system by the 15th of December 2020, you will receive, as a bonus, the opportunity to book the all-in package for $ 95 instead of $ 146/month in 2021. However, you do not have to take advantage of this offer, but can also subscribe to individual scenarios separately at the normal price.

Yes, Windows 10 is installed as the operating system. You can install your Office packages on the laptop and work with them at any time.

The all-in package means that you can use all available scenarios at any time. Specifically, the following is included:

6 fully interactive scenarios on the topics

  1. Social phobia (event foyer) + treatment of eating disorders
  2. Social phobia (seminar room) + job interview + exam nerves
  3. Fear of flying + claustrophobia + agoraphobia
  4. Alcoholism + gambling addiction (bar + arcade)
  5. Spider phobia
  6. Fear of heights (building elevator)

Also available are four 360-degree films on the following topics

  1. Dentophobia
  2. Fear of public transport (tram + bus)
  3. Fear of lifts
  4. Fear of basement

Also available are four 360-degree films on

  1. Relaxation on a beach of Australia
  2. Fresh inhalation in the green forest
  3. Serenity in a winter landscape
  4. Peace in a lonely bay

As long as the all-in package is booked, all other scenarios and 360-degree films that are added over time are also included.

Delivery will take place mid-January 2021, at which time the invoice will also be sent.

Yes. There is a two-year guarantee on the laptop and VR glasses.

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VR Coach® smart system

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Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser VR-Coach® smart system interessieren.
Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für unser VR-Coach® smart system interessieren.